Originally, I didn't plan to write a third book in the Branded series, but after readers messaged and e-mailed me asking if there will be, I decided to write another one.
It's odd, to be honest; I never wanted to write series, yet, here I am adding another book to one.
It's quite an undertaking, because I need to keep track of the characters, their names, their habits and their age. The other challenge is not to bore readers who know what happened in the first book, but fill in new readers, who buy the third book, and introduce them to the characters. It's a task not to be underestimated. Although each novel can stand alone, they are all connected and, of course, a continuation of each other.
I'm quite excited about the prospect of reading the first two books again, so I can get into the zone for the next book. I already have the plot outlined. Not in detail, but so far that I can rely to it in case I get stuck. And I plan to publish the book this year.
Be prepared for more paranormal action, romance, and laughter.

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